Mombasa Business Awards | Award Categories
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Award categories

Welcome To Mombasa Business Awards


Award Categories


Winners in 3 editions


Businesses Participated


People Voted

Where does your business fit? 

Award Categories

Award For The Best Small Business
 Award For The Best Medium Business
Award For The Best Use of Technology
Award For Best Business Leader
Award For The Best Employer
Award For The Best Growth Strategy
Award For New Business of The Year
Award For Most Preferred Transport Company
Award For Outstanding Community Service
Award For Decade of Excellence In Business
Award For customer service
Award For The Best Use of Social Media
Most Preferred Micro-Finance institution 
Award For The Business Enabler of the year
Best service in tourism and hospitality 
Award For The Best corporate citizenship 
Award For Women in business
Award For The Preferred banking institution 
The Most improved county department 
Most preferred training institution 
3 annual editions