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Who we are and what we do
Mombasa Business Awards

About Us

The Mombasa Business Awards 2014/15 competition generated wide spread National media coverage, leading to over 5,000 items of coverage across digital media, business wires, print, broadcast and social media, reaching millions of business people and resulting in a PR value of over 17million. Coverage included local and international magazines newspapers and Online journals. “I think it is important that we showcase our most exceptional businesses, share knowledge and generate debate around the creation of a stronger Mombasa business community.”

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Free to enter

The Mombasa Business Awards does just that. The competition is FREE to enter and open to organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector. The Mombasa Business Awards programme serves three purposes for the Mombasa business community:

  • It provides examples for the business community to aspire to
  • It celebrates and endorses individual and organisational success
  • It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organisations
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Judging Process

The rigorous and well respected judging process has established the Mombasa Business Awards as one of the most sought after accolades in Mombasa. Representing your organisation and being awarded brings respect and admiration from the business community.

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Guiding Principles

The Mombasa Business Awards is a predominately self funding venture set up and run by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and industry, Mombasa County with the support of forward thinking organisations like, Base Titanium, National Bank of Kenya, Pwani TV, RK Sangani, Jamii Telkom to mention just a few our supporters believe it is important to promote and endorse business success across Mombasa for our long-term prosperity. An Innovative, Strong And Thriving Business Community Makes A Successful And Prosperous Mombasa County.

Guiding Principles of The Mombasa Business Awards

  1. Success

The demonstration of commercial success in the relevant market or sector.

  1. Innovation

The pursuit of performance improvement and development, from products through to processes.

  1. Ethics

Demonstration of conduct that respects legislation, the environment and the rights of all stakeholders

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